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Best Kitchen Appliance Brands for 2020

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There are many kitchen appliances available. A standard-sized appliance may be enough for a small family, but a larger, more luxurious appliance will add value to your home. It is a smart idea to research top kitchen appliance manufacturers. These brands make quality models at all price points. The important features of an appliance are also important when you are choosing a manufacturer.

Frigidaire is a kitchen appliance manufacturer that focuses on consumer loyalty, simplicity and technology. The company offers a wide variety of products, including fridges, dishwashers, microwaves and ovens. They are one of America's most loved brands.

Frigidaire makes a range of affordable products with sleek designs. Their appliances utilize cutting-edge technology. They also have energy-efficient models. Revolution Toaster, one of the models, can even be connected to your phone to make toasting easy and quick. It has a touch screen that lets you make a variety of foods, including waffles and pastries.

KitchenAid, a popular kitchen appliance manufacturer, also makes a wide variety. Whirlpool acquired it in 1919 and continues to make innovative and affordable cooking products. As a result, it's consistently ranked among the top kitchen appliance brands in the world.

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Thermador refrigerators and ranges are designed to be professional-grade. They've upgraded many of their panel-ready fridge controls and improved user manual functions. Many Thermador doors can also be customized with bins to store delicate foods.

Miele is a German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances, including built-in steam ovens and advanced vacuum cleaners. It was awarded the iF Gold Award in 2019 for design excellence and was named by Reader's Digest as the Most Trusted Brand.

General Electric (GE) is an American multinational company that operates in the digital and renewable energy industries. It is the 18th most important American company, with R&D offices around the world. Many appliances manufactured by GE are made from stainless-steel and are well-known for being high quality. GE has received many awards over time, and its appliances have received a high rating by Consumer Reports.

Bosch, a German-based multinational company, manufactures kitchen appliances. The company is well-known for their self-cleaning technology. Bosch has received numerous awards, including the EPA SmartWay Excellence Award and the EPA SmartWay Excellence Award. These awards recognize its environmental sustainability and freight efficiency.

Another well-known brand is Maytag. It has been a kitchen appliance manufacturer for many years. Today, Whirlpool is a subsidiary of Maytag. Consumer Reports' 2016 rankings ranked Maytag above Frigidaire, KitchenAid, and Frigidaire.

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LG Appliances are known for their reliability, high performance and ease-of-use. They have won many awards and perform extremely well in all categories.

Sears' Kenmore is a top-selling brand for home appliances. It started with a drop-feed sewing device and has expanded to include a wide range of products. Eddie Lampert, the CEO of Sears, leads the company today.

You can find the right brand for you, whether you're looking for a new fridge or dishwasher. Choosing the right brand is a simple process. Consumer Reports can help you compare brands to find the best appliance deal for your budget.

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Best Kitchen Appliance Brands for 2020